Giacomo Giannini

I am currently working as an LSE Fellow at the London School of Economics. My central research area is in metaphysics, with a particular focus on modality and powers ontology, and their application to debates in metaphysics and neighbouring fields.

My work focuses on how dispositional properties could ground metaphysical and natural modality, how they are related to essences, fundamentality, and laws of nature. I also work on the relation between Dispositionalism and Essentialism, and in general between powers, essences, and ontological dependence.

I completed a PhD at Durham University in 2020 with a dissertation entitled 'Powers for Dispositionalism: A Metaphysical Ground for New Actualism'. Here I argued that powers ontologies are committed to Necessitism and that a theory of powers strong fir for grounding at least natural modality cannot be formulated without a primitive essence operator. Prior to that, I did an MA and a BA in Philosophy at the University of Bologna, Italy.

You can find my CV here. You can also find me on Academia and PhilPapers